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the ukrainian ambassador to nato has said that the only group occupying the crimea in parliament building identified themselves as russian activists. you were the poll also said russia should respect international law and not interfere in ukraine's internal political developments the comments come as russia has held military troops along the ukrainian border and scrambled fighter jets to russia says the military exercises near crack me up routine that they come in a time when groups of ku
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ukrainian activists clashed with pro russian separatists in the crimean peninsula the newly appointed screaming in parliament leader sir the xml has backed ukraine's ousted leader viktor yanukovich same key as the legitimate president of ukraine while in america the white house has said that unocal which abdicated his responsibility and had left ukrainian lawmakers to pick up the pieces unocal which is rumored t be in oued hill hold a pressonference fro souern ssia on friday french football player nicolas anelka has been handed a five match ban and fined eighty thousand british pounds by the english football association for his controversial email gesture deemed by many to be anti semitic. the striker who plays for west brom in england need to salute during the gold celebration begins the west and in december. no is the right to appeal the commission found though that anelka hadot been
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deliberately anti semitic british jewish group the community security trust trees the decision saying that the verdict sends a strong message to other players and supporters that camilla was popularized by french comedian due to a man who has been convicted and worst times of the speech is the difference. the long the israeli embassy to time co star night to three hundred copies of that daughtry off i'm trying to jump in the slight breeze the seal against the reasoning of the mysterious silent to vandalize copies of the bull in a light breeze and schools across the path to win eyes and nodded. many an olive trees and some bookstores across pumpkin have reported by some copies of the pope had parts of the plate to three hours according to the japanese media. a total of three hundred and eight
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copies up into placed in response it is friday embassy in touch to it the night to three hundred copies of the doll real time trying to help replace my stuff was all but the anonymous gonna start making an awful one hundred and forty copies to the light breeze across town. so can the maplewood kentucky on an ethanol bits that in my place of the oaks on the lawn is a total of one hundred and twenty one copies damage in that war delighted us eyes to destroy the compote for a police investigation thinking one of the two there is the chance that this may be taking place intentionally and in an organized fashion to taking strong action against these acts and making sure that it does not expand its allies believe we should react to this. vicki you know. a prime minister since the hype has been criticized by some pushing on hold right wing line. however the current bizarre events on the floor today in anyway we liked it
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this is the max and in denial of the coral coast exist all over the world solo in the assists an act that happened in japan right now but the i don't think it means something above and apart from that or a beat or a beginner or movement conducted into tamil fun to sing is an end and the narrow focus. many like the divine do some quick to spot a wife of media coverage despite the odd and steals the pepper trying the remaining unclaimed will result in good the thing that these acts maybe some people who happened to be on because just the reaction is that it was so positive. and so many reactions and kings this fact so i think it came to life into the psyche baby was quickly i'll i'll come to these kind of fact happened in this appeal it would happen to peak above the price of the leaves. i don't even want to make the team i think is the color so i don't relate to him
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however the slight its options others i'm puzzling outside all watery intent on anti semitism is particularly un hide off with the jewish population of the country making up less than zero point zero zero one percent of the population the governor of the usc and arizona his feet to his republican bill that triggered a national debate over gay rights religion and discrimination the bill which was backed by republicans was designed to give protection to people who assert their religious beliefs and refusing service to the ap the bill so arizona take much criticism from major corporations and political leaders from both parties republican governors should carefully consider the legislation after receiving forty thousand calls and e mails on the topic most of which urging her to she decided that we can result in unintended negative consequences. opponents call it an open attack on gates in
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fighting discrimination democratic leaders think the governor to be telling the bill but said it never should have made it to her desk in the first place israel has placed its troops on the lebanese border on high alert shortly after hezbollah threatened retaliation for an israeli airstrike on an orange carrot and from syria on monday lebanese media reported that the israeli air force jets in a convoy of trucks near the syrian border allegedly transferring the cells from syria to hezbollah storage facility. israel and hezbollah both initially denied the reports but on tuesday a senior israeli security official told time magazine that israel was behind the bombing the next day has been like knowledge that was attacked warning that they would strike back the air strike occurred amid fears that the region could be dragged into further conflict over the syrian civil war as allies in the alley of syrian president charles saw it and its forces are already alongside the sauce forces against the rebels who were looking to overthrow him. i add. we
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are the feature documentary here at the oscars only the number six is about the world's oldest holocaust survivor. the inclusion of this family has taken on additional meaning here in hollywood because within the last week the subject of the documentary. our summer has passed away. the lady in number six is thirty eight minute documentary short about summer. she and her six year old son survived terence that summer during the concentration camps orchestra and she used to use it as a mental escape her parents and husband however parents. producer nicholas reid and his crew began filming summer when she was one hundred and seven years old. at that time she was playing the piano for four
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hours a day. we sent out to make an inspirational story where we can learn from lessons rather than on top of the york chapter of the we try to recall a few to watch the film go. the last cold seasons he always seen the beach hey it's me too hall. so on. they need a name change. you heat it. i care. on tuesday. reid says in a now some are offers words of grace can see the film. and feel like it's crazy to watch this by publishing to watch the film he listened to what she says you she will teach you how to live longer. unhappy you get when i would say. you did and it is huge. you don't need to
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know you read it and didn't have a budget for the found he had to convince people in hollywood to donate their time and services. when they saw the footage though it can mean the problem is that we have to wait for the news today show. more than two years of the film to come together those involved in the project say it's changed their lives. i had dropped out of the temple of the maybe five or six years ago and it's affecting me enough to actually go back to the temple and take my get more involved. little bit of information to the window of her life. this meeting with diligence. i just don't get stressed out. i think my case combat just as the global balance of the week she's going to the of summer passed away just one week before the planned oscar awards reid says winning wasn't important to her sharing her
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knowledge was the documentary is getting even more exposure things to be oscar nomination during this summer's guidelines for spirits and her message will live on the mass dance for j and wine hollywood . the i. second tuesday john kerry has said he still looks good israel and the palestinians to agree on the framework three peace deal by lay people with any final deal could take an additional nine months or more. carrie brought the two sides together back in july after a three year cap originally anticipated the final agreement being reached after nine months while us officials have not revealed what might you into a framework is likely to include the possible outcomes on key issues such as borders security palestinian refugees and the status of jerusalem
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despite a little progress made kerry says he remains committed and determined to reach a deal is in the region more than a dozen times since july. recently both sides have softened their stance is while doubting the effectiveness of the us secretaries efforts kerry recently came in for heavy criticism from israeli politician some accusing him of being an anti semite trucking kerry to suddenly rediscovered his jewish roots recruiting his brother tribute to the israelis that his great uncle was a holocaust victim i had the right notes not much for him on the pacific coast and elsewhere across california putting an end to the recent drought the team golf despite the storm is expected to read further down the coast bringing more marks made are bolted to the drought to hit land. the storm which knocked down a number of trees in time knocking out how in some places but by andrea wrote with that win loss of up to forty five mpg. as for the rest of the country. a recent stint of warm dice and
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son sean in the us midwest and northeast will shortlist of full cost is predicted an extended stretch of beach the code and snotty reaching well within some of the midwest and northeast have seen a string of powerful storms this winter a quick stretch and some supplies and played on tickets to the limits. two muslim conference he packed a british soldier to death and are free to unprovoked attack as the joker life. michael bernard j received a call like to applaud his accomplice michael at the below wait was handed a minimum sentence of forty five years the violence broke out in the cool room as the afghan war heroes skin has started fussing with security guards in the doctrine and remarks from jace and arduous we knew they were dragged away to the sales jump seat of the walk well as the person in america one of the b side sweeney told the o played the courts their extremist
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views of the trial of islam often the sentencing rican family issued a short statement saying we feel satisfied that justice has been so openly. the un remorseful produced born killers are claimed to be sold to the bylaw was found guilty in december. cctv footage showed up at mowing down greek be with a car before dragging him into the streets attacking him with the lights and a meat cleaver outside his barracks in southeast london in may last year. witnesses at the time described as opposed to trying to cut so freak these hats like that but to attacking the joint of meat the motor show the nation often a video of the blower share it with the outside hands justifying the attacks nearby people went viral around the world. it provides to rise in hate crimes against muslims in pursuit of anti islamic street protests repeat these wife rebecca told the court in a statement that has some note two years old will grow up and see images from his dad that my son should ever have to endure the greek be scanning
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was the first spike islamist militants in london says for suicide bombers killed fifty two people in al qaeda inspired attacks on the transport network in july two thousand and five outside the courtroom last group the far right demonstrates has rigged up a mole killers played for two tries and taunted slogans calling for the restoration of the death penalty the retort they like to tackle say raise questions the prestigious intelligence agencies as to the knowledge it was not into the security services. having been arrested in kenya in two thousand and ten. the poll to it. addict i should is one accepted as part of the curriculum across questions go was playing peek a conservative rural pockets on the muslim action of one hundred and eighteen million people. school about can often result in the death sentence. almost no way impacts on offers an eco
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wonderful to know is set to take action since in many places it has been out and the teachers all right in the village of jockey in the poverty stricken sindh province time of family circle that education code the only outlet in them a good rodeo usually hear people get married to very young girl sometimes just ten or twelve years old and then maybe fifty years old so we informed them about the facts of life up to marriage even teach them about their relationship with their husbands after marriage debate will be about to be about to go to the division some seven hundred goats on the road in aix local school was run on the miniature bottle cannot sanction that at the chi selections which stocks a tight tight coverage nineties in that audience whatever i like saw and how to protect themselves as well as a pilot and i were to write a riveting story on occasion pakistan a country but forcing styles to have is not crawling. i will tell
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you that this is my buddy you can add to that name by deed you have no right to test my body. many including the president of opec to stomp like the school was fried rice which represents the one hundred and fifty thousand institutions across the country meets x had to tighten as a kite. pakistan's constitution on the tags religion is not indicative of the air. yes medical students need education to be cool to them. it is being told to children. the primary level it is a clear violation of law a k a violation of the constitution a clear violation of islamic armies there is nice for it in the country like pakistan if it is being told anywhere in the country we can commit to action should be taken against it according to the mall. though these days some of pakistan's most prominent school was happening considering the type of ed to tighten taking place in chile as it seems there isn't a msg on such a pot on the whole bicycle has written three
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books on socks and tights and said he's sending some seven thousand books to you all done none of them to schools in attempts to defuse the bomb a total situation across ukraine a country which has been in this sense all the time go forth between brush up on the west residents of the western city of novi if the heartland of ukrainian nationalists and unexpectedly voice that support for the country's russian speakers. businesses in the city which is the finest box in the crimea language and keep crying in all i can skate rink charging customers and employees alike to speak to us and for that guy coming at decision by parliament on some type to scrap a language school introduced in two thousand and twelve the son and a fight to the russian twist like to speak or two bouts of ukrainian. residents on patrons company car is just a rough in the morn rt language in the city and the solace in the city's officials likened to the is on it and so the woe is the bride gets
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license which usually roll cost in ukrainian ups which programming to russian leather said the system. we should respect all people don't speak ukrainian and those who speak russian the non autistic or next month. russian speaking cities in the east including the next on the desktop died a quick and positive response ukrainians living in the next one the second like it despite month citing we the residents of the next one to express support for the development of civil society in ukraine and in solidarity with the residents of the western and central regions all keep running off at three twenty six weeks the ukrainian out holly and i slept in some sports with friends everywhere. yellow is that it does annoy me i am proud of this and that standard as you're talking ukrainian even though it is not their mother taught me never spectacle of the residents to communicate in russia today is the son of a parody. i respect all people is a revolution of ddt all hear politicians. it would be i e who is he wrong
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footed shot of some of our paper to print them in spite of our residents across the country is a small trial point in the country and called on residents to re up people the eye. i . part of a person's brain in the event that it was abandoned in an accident that all dates. now imagine you can replace that part of the brain but to my friend said that would enable it to function normally. this is what we are scientists are working on and tell of the university. and i'm going to into been neutralized and experiments with truth to what you would seem to do sudoku nation wants to get the code. and do a student to take the coach is going to record the youtube too the aliens. in the imprint of
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them don't know when to the piece. indio ca here to kind of took the tickets. i make him a gun. one of the students would show you what we are going to actually do was to open it till tonight we said that. our purpose in the fraud that is to move on not fix the damaged brain. but to replace it. place the knot with another biological brain but with synthetic brand and a microchip. this part of the brain which we are replacing know what it has that has two inputs and we have one line of information one adult books. that's loads of it. we can take this part of bringing out. put a chip instead of an interface it to the same inputs and outputs. and the chip will do what's best part of the brain the healthy part of brain actions they could get a lot
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though the thc minded to grant the fifteen months we have been at it often said that it doesn't tell the brain area on the candy and ten. me you've got to inform them play with. so this is done well though going to be true. sounds like. those who walks his own new on fire. means the action potential. this is lost. small crumb. this is what faults and feel and sound. celebrate. this is the law. hard words to the patient. thoughts and feelings and personality. i control the brain is amazing and complex organ and some controversy arises when your scientists it is. he began to experiment with the ability of potentially connect to the human brain to my contacts into computer software. there is a natural
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process to the way. anything works. natural is what is and as for example you hold the brain works faster and that will be a natural. and anything else will become a natural. there was a major difference between the pudding into one's brain chip that controls movement and it's cheap it has in fact the older ones can initiate and wish as he motions for another time. i fought to stay fit. something has to do with my personality with my condition and it's it's me. it certainly lived it's me and affecting me is of us. the significance and should be considered different. one to whom it is amazing grace. such a wonderful peace love and emotions and thinking and decision making. in many of
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these functions within the melbourne is doing the super fund is fully i'm beginning to understand and simple functions listed machine. still unknown wall and you can hear the distant future. the smart devices soon be easy and quick and smart grey. dale and i see that indeed the telling. heat the oil drum corps queen the re edition everett was slightly competitive roll each year is the soul and local celebrities and actresses but bca twenty row a bad thing but still it's born and raised in a reactor or shanty town has one that ought to focus on the school multiple day. its northern end of arabic distance to do
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it too because he has had in the past seven years an effort to set had apostolic works before that we had a tradition of drinking someone comes the community to surprise and hearts of the school and seems to have a new management now in twenty fourteen c wanted to go back to their roots and tradition and it was a golfer was a community and some say my technique. while celebrities might have a passion for specifics and the school they are often strangers to the drum copes to use the local residents the stops on the other hand grew up with a drum corps she will eat down the samba to him on much dust in which they will compete for the best carnival parades. op i took so broken. it's not his comedic role was immediately saw no top lineup expressed on this is the end has got serious when speaking about sickies close to his heart. rudd can testify before the senate on capitol hill in washington d c holland on the economic impact of alzheimer's disease
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my mother in law has early onset alzheimer's. that said she was in her early fifties and now she's in her early sixties and it's a very advanced and it was so brutal honestly that just made us decide to try to do something our son is in the brine disease slimy rocks memory and thinking skills in an individually eventually leaving the knights kept themselves or do simple costs after forgetting she loved ones were my mother in law a teacher for thirty five years then forgot how to speak feed herself cast yourself then go to the bathroom herself. oh by the age of sixty. lauren's father and a team of caregivers dedicate their lives away my mother in law b is called bullish it can be they would love to do more but can't because as you've heard of like any of the other top ten cause of death in america. there's no way to prevent skill or even slow the progression of
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alzheimer's disease. he was drunk and says there are three reasons he can testify before the senate committee steve got to see was a cute on all the house of cards hit tv series on the second or two sided twelve people in the poll tax. the third reason i'm here simply is to show people that they're not alone so few people share their personal story so few people have something to relate to. i know that me and my wife saw someone like me talking about this it would probably make us feel a little less alone. brandon and his wife recently founded in our secrets our state to help price money on the way in its about the disease it's all worth it. okies climbed mount everest jump layouts to climb on a wing suit at school run jovial quinn has been getting in as much practice as possible. my contest dumped by the california going to name his wings to the toys
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telephone least at the ritz jump in night. the louisiana born dad double if the world record holder for the foster's every school in search of just knowing the hoff i was for his temple when i was like for all five tries to climb to the summit by less than ten minutes to get on down. you hope when we get to the top with a really good chance for working with the weather it should be no problem but yet this is a very very big very sophisticated. the project with a million different moving parts it's like a shuttle mission in a lot wiser so many things that need to go rights of the things that could go wrong. so in that way the real adventure one that will ride out to the very end the forty nine boats carry out the damage done by the ten thousand feet the lights come on quinn most successfully climb the mountain that stands out more than twenty nine thousand feet over a trial in oni the months you would open its doors some four thousand colonists of evan might get to the top of the mountain around two hundred and forty people up dolly towing. ay ay
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rule. do. will see him. to me. will. who are we are will the tsar. lulu. it will
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aah. it is. ch. i mean
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the stars to doris will be reduced moratorium on inspections of small medium size businesses has been declared in context and the sultan that survive has announced domestic measures to improve the conditions for business development because extent that it affirms torture. get people to extend the rights of the new sds signed a decree on measures to improve conditions for development of a dealership in the country. i declare a moratorium on expect tons of small and medium size businesses starting in the second of january first two thousand fifteen i get a commissn


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